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The Power of Femininity Retreat

2-Day Resort Retreat at a Luxury Location

A retreat about Giving! 

"The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman" - The Dalai Lama

A woman can be the force and the leader for a positive and constructive change on this earth. She can navigate and be the champion of change.

As a way to celebrate life and its offerings, I set out to unite a group of extraordinary women who have surpassed their personal vision of success and seek to influence and elevate the lives of the others through philanthropic efforts, locally and globally.
I invite you to join us.
Our mission is to bring together accomplished like-minded women, just like yourself; who seek to leave a lasting impression and strong legacy by inspiring and empowering the less fortunate. This circle offers its participants many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.
As a union, we seek to inspire and empower causes that improve the lives of women, children and animals.  For the past 18 years, our current signature program out of Los Angeles has already provided these services through my non-profit organization, Passions & Dreams Funding.  And now, I wish to reach out to more causes by extending my circle to include women like you!

Leave your business card behind and escape everything... a weekend of rejuvenation and sheer exhilaration. There is absolutely no alternative to leaving your workplace or home and locking yourself up for two or more days with likeminded individuals to relax, learn, create, brainstorm, mastermind and grow.

When we leave the resort we will have a structed action plan as to how each one of is committed to making a difference, where and when.You depart a changed person! Resort Retreat Events is a limited-enrollment program for women who are seeking to reinvent their lifestyle in preparation to move to a higher level of being.

These carefully designed two-day event is primarily focused on the ways empowered and inspired women can make a difference in their community and society in general.

Structured as a masterminding and collobrating event. 

As I mentioned - No Business card given unless it is requested. 

To get involved in our monthly dinner events, click here.

Silva created her success when she walked out with zero money from an abusive marriage. Armed with just one credit card, she decided to become an entrepreneur and took charge of designing and building her own perfect lifestyle.  Within months she began to buy and remodel homes and before the age of thirty, she created a net worth of one million dollars and began working with celebrities and traveled the world. Silva went on to securing her own General Contractor's license and together with her Real Estate Broker's license she expanded her own Real Estate & property development company and went on to publish "Jump-Start Your Life®" book and turned its teachings into a lifestyle development and training company.  From zero money to success, her personal life development strategies are increasingly being taught globally.    

(NOTE:  Your personal information will never be sold, shared or disclosed.  Your privacy is respected at all times.)