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    *Master The Habit of Thinking Big;
*Learn How to Manifest More Blessings;
*& Get The Blue print to Turning Ideas Into Profits!

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Turning Your Ideas Into Profit$

Do You Have a Big Vision Of The Lifestyle That You Want
To create, But You Just Don't Have A Plan To 

Get There?

If you are reading this, chances are you are someone who has a passion to take control of their financial destiny.

Whether you are a Realtor, Author, Entreprenuer or...

You want to get out there in a bigger, bolder way.

You want to make a difference in your world AND BUILD YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY.

This training is for you. 

If you have an idea but don't know how to turn it intro reality, then this program can set you on your path.
Having gone from zero money to owning 3 successful business, published a best selling book, travel around the world 
training others...

And most recently, I released a comic book for kids and one of a kind inspirational talking smart doll which has been featured in over 249 media outlets.

I can now show you how you can turn your idea into a reality.. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO! Consider this to be another chance at a NEW LIFE! The one that you were meant to live.

You will discover the talents and gifts that you already have within, the same ones that will help you conquer your fears.

I will share with you the secret to creating your next chapter of your life. No one has this strategy, because it is my tried and tested method.  Plus you will receive;

You will be:        

  • Guided to recognizing which one of your ideas has a potential to turning into an empire
  • Demonstrated how to find out if you have the 4Ps and tools needed for the execution process
  • Shown how to define the five guideposts to help you turn defeat into victories;
  • Able to build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Taught ways to maximize your idea/service
  • Shown how to kick that comfort zone to the curb and walk through your fears
  • Able to Identify what your talents, gifts and abilities are
  • Learning ways to manage your time effectively
  • Connected to the resources and vendors to expedite your journey to success 
  • Recognizing what could be the 7 pitfalls in your own journey to success
  • Getting out of your way and claiming your brilliant life 

Through these methods:

  • 1 month training involves 3 Private (2 Hr) meetings a week for one month. (one training is via skype). 3 month training involves 2 hr direct or via skype meetings.
    This will help you
    walk through your step by step plan, make sure that you are staying on track and moving forward,

  • Brainstorming sessions and share resources to connect with,

  • Weekly emails giving you the action plans to execute and follow,

  • To activate your training, subscribe below via our secure EARLY online registration form. You will be automatically charged the low price
    of $ 800.00 a month for 3 months only. Click here for the intensive one month ONLY program. $1500.00.
  • If at anytime you'd like to cancel, simply let us know via email and we will cease future charges immediately.   

Turning Your Ideas Into Profit$® 

Think it. Believe it. Live it!

Yes Silva, I'd like to  Sign Up and Turn My Ideas Into Profit$® 

@ $800.00 a month for 3 months
One month Insentive consulting $1500.00.

I understand that I will receive a FREE copy of "Jump-Start Your Life"®  book within days of signing up.

I will receive the "Idea Into Profits" E-Book

I will receive early notices for any upcoming events so I can benefit from FREE or early registration bonuses

The Best Part is. . .

If I'd like to cancel with the first month, I can simply let you know via email, and future charges will be immediately canceled.  

Cancellation does not apply for the one month program.

You can rest assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you'll receive an electronic receipt and instructions in a matter of a few minutes. 

Silva created her success when she walked out with zero money from an abusive marriage. Armed with just one credit card, she decided to become an entrepreneur and took charge of designing and building her own perfect lifestyle.  Within months and before the age of thirty, she created a net worth of one million dollars and began working with celebrities and traveled the world. Silva went on to securing her own General Contractor's license and together with her Real Estate Broker's license she expanded her own Real Estate & property development company and went on to publish "Jump-Start Your Life" book and turned its teachings into a lifestyle development and training company.  Silva has transformed her life, going from zero money to success, her personal life development strategies are increasingly being taught globally. To sign up for free ezines, Click Here.