WHAT IF You Could radically and positively transform every aspect of your life… your relationships, your health, your career, your finances, your fun and leisure.

WHAT IF There Were NOTHING To Stop YOU From Having It All — How Different Would You Live Your Life?


  • Reset your thinking style!
  • Actually LIVE Your Life With Purpose And Meaning every single day!

Silva Mirzoian will share insights and steps that will Open Your Mind & Spirit To Possibilities In Life
And Learn How To “Have it All! 

No fancy presentation, just straight talk from true life experiences.

Silva Mirzoian  will guide you you towards releasing the Genie within YOU.

This will energize you to create the transformation that you are seeking in your life!

The Defining Moment When You Choose To
Take Control of Your Life and Finally Thrive!

In this candid heart to heart conversation, they will share with you specific strategies in order to live a fulfilling life.

*Discover what are the 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life;
*Learn the one phrase that WILL help you make better choices in life;
and much more…

Don’t wait for a major challenge to hit you before you awaken the Genie within you. You Can Do It NOW!

Give yourself the permission to BE
*Become the navigator and champion of change in your own life.
*Connect to your inner Prosperity Energy
*Start or expand your business or career on solid foundation

An empowered person enhances not only their own life, but the lives of their children, family and community.

It is time to celebrate life fully with all of it’s blessings!

Silva believes that there is a Genie inside every single one of us just waiting for the command to help us turn our dreams into reality. You see, every single one of us is born with 4 Inner Tools, Gifts & Abilities that are unique to us and no one else.

This thinking style sabotages your ability to realize your dreams in life. Money is not everything, but having your own financial independence that is built on a solid foundation, paves the way to being more abundant!

  • Reclaim the inner power that you may have lost along the way and realize your true destiny
  • Stop feeling guilty and start living your full life. It makes no difference if you are married or single, you deserve to be all that you can be
  • Raise your awareness of the power within your Mind, Spirit, Body and Social tools and finally connect them so you can finally let your self, your family, your community and the world enjoy your blessings, gifts and talents.Here is what people are saying about this training.

“I mainly learned to eliminate fear of losing relationships. I am today the person I am willing to be.” ~Sybil S. 

“You helped me develop a positive outlook on what I plan to achieve in life. I have learned to take one step at a time and stay focused on my future as well as what I need  to do first in achieving my goal.  The sessions have also helped me to realize that anything that you really want, you can get. Thank you Silva, you are very special.” ~Norma D

“You are dynamic! I was awed at your knowledge and eloquence in sharing your knowledge and experience.” ~Annabelle- Curves

 Silva Mirzoian has so much information to share with you…
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A casuSilva Miguelal conversation with my friend Don Miguel Ruiz about leadership through intentions
turned out to be very enlightening.

Enjoy the teaching.

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