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Author - Creator - Producer of Lifestyle & Business Developement programs - Jump-Start Your Life Coach

My passion has always been to do better today than I did yesterday. To learn, to share, inspire & empower others with the ways  to Jump-Start Their Life. I've had to Jump-Start my life on several occasions, never knowing for sure how things were going to work out...But I so believed that they will. And they always did.
My work is based on my own experiences that I shared in my book, "Jump-Start Your Life"
We all have the tools that can empower us through the many transitions that we embark upon through life.
Once we learn how to weave them together, magic happens!! I consider life to be a masterpiece that WE create, one stroke at a time.  
The journey to awaken the Power within, Transform and Evolve your Life should be fun!

 It's About Celebrating Life and Sharing the Wisdom with others through varies media presentations.
Living Your Best Life At Any Age!
Via Speaking Event, Videos, Films & TV Shows that I Create I Intend to 
Awaken. Inspire. Evolve. Transform


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Jump Start Your Lifestyle

To start the process of Jump-Starting Your Life, you must first change the paradigm of your consciousness.
It's not easy to make that shift, but a possible one.
Changing direction from how you are used to thinking, being and believing takes dedicated practice until it becomes a habit.  

Your Power of Femininity

Feminine qualities such as sensitivity and intuition at times have been thought of as weaknesses, especially at work.
Let's celebrate women who are living their truth, constantly re-creating their reality, while inspiring and empowering others, especially the future generation with tools to succeed. be inspired by the Power of Femininity leaders.  

 Is Fear or Love Controlling Your Journey?

When making a new decision, which emotion is likely to overpower the process?  Is it Love & Fear stories? Share with us what your most rewarding decision or choice was. Your journey may actually inspire another person to take action.

Mind - Body - Spirit 

The hidden inner gifts within our 4 Inner tools hold the power to creating change within our life.
Once they are synchronized, an avalanche of opportunities become more visible and easy to attract.
 You will be amazed by the instant change in your life.

Leadership Training

Inspiring & empowering team members can not only increase morale within an office but also profits.
When team members discover principle personal and professional programs, become, connect their
personal mission statement with the company's mission, productivity increases.  
To learn what training programs or speaking topics Silva can bring to your company, click on get access. 

Home & Lifestyle

Your home & work environment, together with your social surroundings can easily influence your mindset and lifestyle. 
Often you can make slight changes with paint or different furniture that could make a big impact on you.
Discover ways to create an elegant lifestyle on any budget. Luxury is a mindset. 


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