The Power of Femininity – Releasing the Genie Within

No Need to Wish for A Genie To Help Make Your Dreams Come True! 
You Already Have One?
Are You Ready To Awaken The Power Within, Transform & Evolve Your Life?

No Need to FEAR of not being Accepted;

No Need to FEAR of Rejection;

No Need to FEAR of Not Being Loved;

No Need to FEAR of Losing your loved ones and friends;

All of these FEARS are Holding you back from BEING WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE


All of these thoughts and beliefs are real. I know, I personally experienced them and it took me a long time to finally realize that I was killing my spirit through these thoughts. I Finally WOKE UP from my SLEEP-WALKING MODE!

*In 90-Days You Will Be Able To Fully  Release the Genie within you!

  • You will be able to finally connect to your -Mind-Spirit-Body-Social Tools;
  • You will begin to confidently move forward with your life and reach for the stars! 

    Over the next 3 months, we will meet Twice a month in person or online via Skype to start the process of releasing your hidden inner power.
    I will outline your journey, to create your step-by-step plan to RELEASING the Genie Within. 
    You will:
  • Be coached directly by Me and my team of experts;
  • Discover your hidden treasures within;
  • Define YOUR vision of success;
  • Develop a new thinking style;
  • Build up your self-worth & increase your confidence and self-esteem;
  • Kick that comfort zone to the curb and walk through your fears;
  • Overcome other people’s limitations and opinions of you;
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships;
  • Get out of your way, and claim your brilliant life.

This hands-on training involves 2 one hour video phone calls via skype where detailed action plan will be discussed and worked on together. You will be required to work on the action plan during the week and create results, then we will revisit your actions and expand on them further.

Be Prepared: You will be uncomfortable, uneasy, challenged and even a little (or a lot) fearful and angry every step of the way, but long-lasting change doesn’t happen without these experiences. This program supports you fully in attaining success.
“After being fired, I gave up hope on ever finding a job. Your program did more than that for me. It gave me a career and a new lifestyle. Thank you.”~C. Shamam

“I had lost my job, my boyfriend, lost hope, and faith then decided to take your course. Through that difficult time, you inspired me to take control of my financial independence and helped me buy my own condo…and now I have started my own business!  Thank you Silva!” ~C. Labdie, Entrepreneur

With this training, you will also receive a FREE copy of my best-selling book “Jump-Start Your Life”- 7 Steps to waking up from
the “Sleep-Walking Mode.”
Your Investment: $500.00 a month for 3 months and you can cancel at any time prior to starting the following month training.

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