Wings To Fly

Have you ever
Wondered if success is a matter of luck

You see top producers in your office making it look so easy.

What are they doing different?
How are they doing it?
Will I ever have that kind of success?
Attend one of the training to learn the secrets.

Provided by Author/Broker/Lifestyle Developer - Silva Mirzoian     

A great many new real estate agents never make it through their first year. They underestimate expenses and overestimate income, a deadly combination.  Or they rely too much on old industry way of doing business that no longer works. The industry changed in the internet-driven decade since the 2008-09 financial meltdown, unlocking fresh secrets to real estate success.
It's a big step to pass that real estate exam, get the license and start a new business. What you learn in the classes to pass your test, is very different in the real world. It comes down to not making assumptions and preparing to do business differently. 

*How to Get Started
*Who to choose as your Broker
*Which area to work in
*What expenses to prepare for
*How to establish your brand
*Where is your first deal coming from - Lead Generation 
And much more...

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