The Power of Femininity – Celebrate it!

It’s simply about BEING YOU. The woman who you were created and meant to be. We come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and we each, like men, own our own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Yes, we can multi-task and do many things that many men can’t.. but we should not hold that against them.
Most women are very supportive of one another! We celebrate each other’s wins, and when chips are down we are there to elevate one another. We have a sense of style that we are most comfortable with, yet somehow often most seem to ignore that in the business world. Some try to blend in or be one of the boys just so they can be taken seriously. I know, I did when I was working in the publishing and construction world. We don’t need to blend in, we just need to best utilize our power of femininity to secure our position in the workplace, utilizing our experience, wisdom with a big dose of intuition.

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What do you need?

Ideas are merely thoughts that have been created by your mind. Yet, they serve no purpose if you fail to act upon them. However, due to the advent of the internet, right now is the opportunity time for you transform your idea into a reality. This is due to the fact that the web has enabled a wide array of opportunities passionfor you to reach out to other individuals who are in a similar frame of mind for collaborations as well as the development of websites like Kickstarter that has essentially enabled the opportunity for anyone to seek capital when it comes to funding their ideas. So what’s really stopping you from turning your ideas into a reality? Let’s look at what separates successful individuals from those who are not, as well as some tips to consider when it comes to turning an idea into a reality.

What Separates Successful Individuals From Those Who Are Not?

Failure To Take Action
Many people fail to act upon their passions due to the fact that they do not believe that their idea is as revolutionary as the idea of a massive game changer such as Facebook for example. However, the thing that separates successful people who pursue their passion from unsuccessful people who fail to pursue their passion isn’t the fact that they had a revolutionary idea or that they were highly intelligent, it’s the fact that they took action. Action is ultimately what will determine how successful you will be in life. Your idea doesn’t have to be a billion-dollar idea in order for you to be successful. All you need to do transform your idea into a successful business endeavor is for you to take action.

Fear Of Failure Itself
Based on the fact that we are human beings, we tend to resist the possibility of pursuing our passion, if we believe that we might fail if we pursue the concept of turning our dream into a reality. As such, many people never attempt to pursue their passion due to the “fear of failure.” However, individuals who continue to take action on their idea despite the perceived risk of failure, ultimately transform it into something that’s even better than they expected, due to the fact that their setbacks helped them to mold and shape their idea as well as to reinforce their belief in their dream. 

Let’s take a look at some tips to consider when it comes to materializing your idea.

1) Refine Your Idea Into Something That’s More Concrete And Defined
When it comes to turning your idea into a reality, the first thing you should do is to turn it into something that is more concrete. Meaning, for example, the idea of setting up an online based business isn’t as concrete and defined as the idea of setting up an online based business that deals with selling iPhone cases through Instagram. Therefore, ensure that you turn your abstract concept into something that’s more concrete and defined.

2)Determine The Kind Of Resources You Will Need And How To Acquire Them
The next thing you need to do is to find out the kind of resources that you’re going to need as well as how you’re going to acquire them. To make a cake, you will need some ingredients. To materialize your idea you’re going to need some resources. As such, the question that you should be asking is what resources will you need to materialize your idea as well as how you intend to acquire those resources.

3) Determine The Idea’s Purpose
Ultimately, the purpose of your idea will serve as the fuel for your perseverance towards transforming your concept into a reality. If your idea has no purpose, the first setback that you encounter may cause you to give up. However, by defining the purpose of your idea, you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may manifest themselves along the way.

4) Formulate A Strategy By Determining What Steps You Need To Take To Materialize Your Idea
Once you overcome the fear of failure, refined your idea into something that’s more concrete and defined, determined what resources you will need as well as the purpose of your idea, the next thing you should do is to determine the steps that you’ll have to take to make your idea into a reality. This will ultimately serve as your strategy or detailed step by step plan. By developing a detailed system that outlines the necessary steps that you’ll have to take, it will make the whole process a much easier one and allows for a certain degree of consistency when it comes to ensuring that you’re on the right track.

5) Take Action
You can make the most sophisticated plan to accomplish you goal, yet fail in the same breath if you refuse to take action. As such, once you have created a strategic system that will help you to materialize your idea, you need to decide what’s the first thing you need to do, and you need to actually do it. By taking the first step, you can gradually progress forward by asking yourself what you will have to do next, after you have completed each step.

I hope that these tips somehow help you to take the next step towards realizing your own dream and to help you with the process. If you need hands on guidance, click here to get started.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” If you can deal with that answer, keep moving forward
Good luck.

How Deep Is Your Foundation?

What exactly is the role of a lifestyle developer?

In some ways, a lifestyle developer could be described as being similar to a property developer. greenhomeplanmaster
While a property developer has a vision and concept as to how a property should be presented to the world, the lifestyle developer has a similar concept and vision as to how a particular person might want to be portrayed to the world.

Each person is unique and has their own distinct tastes and preferences in eating habits, living style, type of vehicle they drive, clothing they like to wear, choice of makeup colors, and so forth. Each individual segment represents a part of the whole of who that person is and how they would like to represent themselves to the world.  Many people fail to recognize their own talents and abilities which they could use to their advantage to help them obtain the lifestyle they dream about. This is where a lifestyle developer can step in help the client realize their full potential and help them to gain the confidence they need to move forward in the quest of pursuing the lifestyle of their dreams. Continue reading →

60 Is The New 40!!

Old – Says You Or Society ?

Among the many things that people stress about, age is one of the things that continuously11666268_10204460992225309_3914623632412242649_n (2)
plagues the minds of individuals as they get older, particularly when over the 55+ category. Many believe at that point, all that can be accomplished has been accomplished and that the only thing that lies ahead is a life of bingo and news stories. The reality of the fact, however, is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom, the quality of life that you can have, can be significantly higher than ever before. (Can you guess the age of these two beautiful ladies in this picture?)
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My Conversation with Don Miguel Ruiz –

A while back I had the pleasure to have a sincere conversaton with my friend Don Miguel Ruiz about how the teachingsSilva Miguel
of my book “Jump-Start Your Life” blends in with “The Four Agreements.”  It turned out to be a fun and an enlightening conversation on many levels.

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Who Cares If The Glass is Half Full or Empty!

To be exact, it is both, but it really doesn’t matter if the glass is wineHalf Full or Half Empty, because either way, you already have what it takes to fill it up!

Your driving force, the Spirit, is one of your 4 Inner Tools, but often lying dormant. It is our passion for living, our power.

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The Good Life By Design!

Life is a masterpiece that we get to create based on our own IMG_2053vision of the lifestyle that we would like to enjoy. Over the years, I have found a fun way to fulfill my vision… through my “Passions & Dreams Collage”, which I started back in 1992. Here’s how I do it:

First, I gather up a frame, scissors, glue, as many books, magazines, or even mail order brochures, as I can find, and, finally, a cup of hot tea, glass of wine, or chocolates. Then, I make myself comfortable either on my bed or the living room floor, where I separate Continue reading →

Change – Why Resist?

The weather is finally beginning to change in Los Achangengeles and I have been so looking forward to it! Since I live up in the hills, when spring comes around, I get to wake up in the morning and see flowers blooming all around me up and down the hill. Intoxicating. As the seasons turn, I’m reminded that there is no getting around change. It’s the universal law. Seasons change, leaves change, people change and our lifestyles change. Hooray for that!

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5 Steps To Living BIG!

Are you tired of living small? It’s that feeling of you youmustloseknow that you can do better, but for some reason or another, you are not. I know, been there and done that! I found out the hard way what I am about to share with you.

In order to truly dream big and live large, we have to dig down deep and find out exactly what that means for each of us individually.  Here are the 5 steps to living the life or Continue reading →


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