Jump-Start Your Life Boot Camp

Are you living your version of your life story or someone else's version?
Become accustomed to dreaming big but living small?
Holding yourself back from what you have expanded to be?
tanding at the edge of transformation, but afraid to take that leap forward?

 You are not alone. I was where you are right now... I knew what I wanted, but was afraid to start!

In 1986 I walked away from an abusive marriage with just my clothes, my cat Cubby, my car, and zero cash.
Little did I know then that I was one day going to become an author of a bestselling book, an entrepreneur in Beverly Hills, and owner of several properties.

 WI had heard about the Law of Attraction, but I knew nothing about how it worked...at least I didn't think that I did!

I discovered that I am a deliberate creator - A genius...We all are...But often holding yourself back.  

I know why.
Once you learn these steps, you will always be able to stay conneted with your inner power.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Lifestyle?
Let's write your new story:
In 90-Days you will be able To take control back and Transform Your Life Through This Bootcamp!
Through the connection of the Mind, Body, Spirit & Social tools you will walk through the 7 Steps to transforming your lifestyle:

  • Discover the two emotions that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest;
    Acknowledge, Accept & Discover the steps to releasing the habits and thoughts that are holding you back;
    Define & Comit to your vision  of your lifestyle and outline the stepping stones to realizing it;
    Learn ways to maximize your  inner gifts, tools, and abilities & outline your purpose in life;
    Kick comfort zone to the curb and walk through your fears;
    Increase positive emotions in your life, and overcome other people's limitations and opinions of you;
    Improve your personal and professional image and relationships;
    Get out of your way, and claim your brilliant life. 
    Do away with Diets and release your own lifestyle habits for eating and dressing;
    Trust your own inner voice and move forward;
    And let the law of attraction work for you.
    This program supports you fully in attaining success.

You will also receive a FREE copy of my best-selling book "Jump-Start Your Life"- 7 Steps to waking up from the "Sleep-Walking Mode."
Receive hands-on training with ME & my team of experts.
Your Investment of $200.00 a month for 3 months.

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