My Conversation with Don Miguel Ruiz –

A while back I had the pleasure to have a sincere conversaton with my friend Don Miguel Ruiz about how the teachingsSilva Miguel
of my book “Jump-Start Your Life” blends in with “The Four Agreements.”  It turned out to be a fun and an enlightening conversation on many levels.

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Who Cares If The Glass is Half Full or Empty!

To be exact, it is both, but it really doesn’t matter if the glass is wineHalf Full or Half Empty, because either way, you already have what it takes to fill it up!

Your driving force, the Spirit, is one of your 4 Inner Tools, but often lying dormant. It is our passion for living, our power.

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The Good Life By Design!

Life is a masterpiece that we get to create based on our own IMG_2053vision of the lifestyle that we would like to enjoy. Over the years, I have found a fun way to fulfill my vision… through my “Passions & Dreams Collage”, which I started back in 1992. Here’s how I do it:

First, I gather up a frame, scissors, glue, as many books, magazines, or even mail order brochures, as I can find, and, finally, a cup of hot tea, glass of wine, or chocolates. Then, I make myself comfortable either on my bed or the living room floor, where I separate Continue reading →

Change – Why Resist?

The weather is finally beginning to change in Los Achangengeles and I have been so looking forward to it! Since I live up in the hills, when spring comes around, I get to wake up in the morning and see flowers blooming all around me up and down the hill. Intoxicating. As the seasons turn, I’m reminded that there is no getting around change. It’s the universal law. Seasons change, leaves change, people change and our lifestyles change. Hooray for that!

I remember when I was very young, my family and I moved from a small city to Baghdad, Iraq, and from there we moved to Sydney, Australia, then I moved to Continue reading →

5 Steps To Living BIG!

Are you tired of living small? It’s that feeling of you youmustloseknow that you can do better, but for some reason or another, you are not. I know, been there and done that! I found out the hard way what I am about to share with you.

In order to truly dream big and live large, we have to dig down deep and find out exactly what that means for each of us individually.  Here are the 5 steps to living the life or Continue reading →


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