How Deep Is Your Foundation?

What exactly is the role of a lifestyle developer?

In some ways, a lifestyle developer could be described as being similar to a property developer. greenhomeplanmaster
While a property developer has a vision and concept as to how a property should be presented to the world, the lifestyle developer has a similar concept and vision as to how a particular person might want to be portrayed to the world.

Each person is unique and has their own distinct tastes and preferences in eating habits, living style, type of vehicle they drive, clothing they like to wear, choice of makeup colors, and so forth. Each individual segment represents a part of the whole of who that person is and how they would like to represent themselves to the world.  Many people fail to recognize their own talents and abilities which they could use to their advantage to help them obtain the lifestyle they dream about. This is where a lifestyle developer can step in help the client realize their full potential and help them to gain the confidence they need to move forward in the quest of pursuing the lifestyle of their dreams.

While how you actually create your own lifestyle has to come from inside of you, the lifestyle developer can help you develop a plan for living your life to its fullest potential. This is where the lines can become a bit blurry when it comes to choosing the right lifestyle developer for you. The one who is right for you will listen to you carefully and actually “tune into” you. They will then use this information they have obtained to help guide you toward the resources and ways of obtaining your goals so that you can achieve the best life possible. You should feel inspired, confident, and motivated when you are working with the developer.

On the other hand, the wrong lifestyle developer will simply ignore your needs and desires and try to develop YOUR life in the way that THEY feel is best for you. If you encounter the latter type, you need to get away from them, and quickly!

I often discuss how important it is to tune into your four basic “inner tools” to help guide you 4 Inner Toolstowards living the best life possible. These inner tools include the Mind, Body, Spirit, as well as Social tools. The Social aspect includes important people in your life such as family and friends who play a major role and can influence the ways in which you develop your life. You need to ask yourself if those in your social circle are positive influences that encourage you along your journey, or if there may be some people who are actually holding you back.  Knowing your own mind and believing in yourself and who you are will encourage you along your journey towards building the life you’ve dreamed about.

With my background in real estate and property development, I find it very easy to understand which segments of a person’s life needs to come into play and at what interval this should happen. Now, as a professional lifestyle developer, I consider every aspect of a person’s life including where they desire to live, how they would like to live, and even what styles of furniture they would like to place in their home. I even look at details such as what fabrics or colors the individual would like to have surrounding them.Building A House

After gathering such detailed information about a client, the lifestyle developer can then become an inspirational person in the client’s life, encouraging them to trust in their dreams and move forward in their quest to achieve them.

After working with the client, they will then be able to recognize items, thoughts, actions, and behaviors which could greatly influence change in their lifestyle. The lifestyle developer can also help the client discover their own special talents and unique abilities, as well as uncover hidden resources which will empower their journey along the road to success. In other words, the developer acts as an inspirational leader who will help the client along with the path towards living their dream lifestyle. One might say they work to inspire others to rise to a “higher vibration”.

In summary, the lifestyle developer listens to and learns about the person they are working with and develops an understanding of what that person wants out of life. The developer then takes the information about this person and points them in the right direction and encourages them to believe in themselves and their dreams while helping them achieve their goals. The lifestyle developer provides inspiration, encouragement, and support along the way.

This is how I work with my clients, having had to wake up and reconnect with my 4 Inner tools, I have come to learn their importance in designing and building one’s life.

I wish you much success in designing and building your dream lifestyle! Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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