Jump-Start Your Life & Release the Genie Within

Leading A Revolutionary Life!
Take Control of Your Life and Finally Thrive!

Awaken  your 4 Inner Tools and Discover how Your Mind & Social Tools can help you create an abundant lifestyle!

4 Inner Tools

Silva Mirzoian WILL show you how to release the genie within you & finally
Jump-Start Your Life.

  • Re-framing a situation that can release your negative emotions and unlock your hidden talents & gifts

  • Discover how your emotion can change your inner and outer world.

  • Give yourself the permission to BE

  • Become the navigator and champion of change in your own life.

  • Move from a Victim to a Victory thinking.

  • Connect to your inner Prosperity Energy

  • Start or expand your business on solid foundation and much more…

Silva believes that there is a Genie inside every single one of us just waiting for the command to help us turn our dreams into reality.
 You see, every single one of us is born with Inner Tools, Gifts & Abilities that are unique
to us and no one else. 

 This thinking style sabotages your ability to realize your dreams in life. Money is not  everything, but having your own financial independence paves the
 way to being more!

 Awakening the person you were born to be is the key to your personal & professional      success.  

* Discover what are the 7 steps to Living Your Best Life;
* Learn the one phrase that can help you make better choices in life;
* Reclaim the inner power that you may have lost along the way and realize your true destiny;
* Learn how to overcome your inner critic;
* Raise your awareness of the power within your Mind, Spirit, Body and Social tools and finally connect them so you can finally let your self, your family, your community and the world enjoy your blessings, gifts and talents.

With every registration, we will include a copy of Silva’s best-selling book “Jump-Start Your Life.”

A $199.00 value for only $97.00 for a 2 week online training program.

Your life is a precious gift!


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