Power Of Femininity Making A Difference in The Lives Of Children

3 Women Come Together Passionately For One Global Mission & Cause.

Join us in this effort by clicking on the link below and Donate – We will keep you posted with our mission every step of the way.



On December 7, 1988 Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia was hit by a thunderous earthquake. It only lasted 20 seconds, but the emotional/physical aftershock is still being felt by the children and their families to this day, 30 years after. Spirits are still broken. 

How is that possible, in this day and age? 

The cold season is once again upon them, many still live within the ruble of the destruction. No windows or doors to keep them safe from the harsh weather. Snow will soon be falling and children will begin to huddle with warmed up bricks on the stove to keep them warm at nights. 

Let’s make this year different for these children and their families who have lost hope and have stopped dreaming. 

Together we CAN. Here is how your donations will help us directly impact their lives: 

We are going to personally go to Gyumri in late November to help provide 10 families

Everyday necessities such as firewood to keep warm;

Blankets and warm clothing 



And relocation of the children and their families to a safe living environment is our bigger goal. 

Every donor will receive updates on our Giving Process as you are part of this journey with us. We know that Gyumri is not the only city in the world who’s children and families are suffering. 

There are many countries/cities around the world who are in the same if not the worst condition. But with your help, we are starting in Gyumri and moving to other cities, one by one. 

The current work of the foundation, Passions & Dreams Funding will continue in the Los Angeles area, Our mission is to go global….. ONLY you can help us determine how far we can help make a difference. How many children”s dreams we can help reignite. How many lives we can build? 


Silva Mirzoian Founder of Passions & Dreams Funding – a Non-profit organization since 1998 has been jump-starting the lives of children at risk in the Los Angeles Area. Author of Jump Start Your Life Book, Silva the Genie Comic Book & Talking dolls. Creator & Producer of Power of Femininity Blog Show and Producer of “Broken Promises, Where is the Love” Documentary and an entrepreneur in Beverly Hills, Ca.. 

Silva speaks many different languages including Armenian and English and is involved in many humanitarian causes in the Los Angeles area and Australia. Inspiring and empowering children in Los Angeles and around the world is a cause she is very passionate about. 

Naré Mkrtchyan Born in Armenia and raised in Los Angeles, Naré tries to combine both: the American filmmaking technique and the international, independent spirit. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. She has written, directed and produced over sixty short films. For years she was an Executive Producer and Director at Hallmark’s instant streaming company Feeln. Her passion is telling unique human stories that connect people and move beyond the boundaries of nationality, gender, and religion. Her last documentary, The Other Side of Home became and still remains as the only Armenian Genocide shortlisted for Oscar. 

MARIAM VARDANI Mariam began acting at a young age. She has also shown her range and skill on the creative end as well. Mariam is one of the flamenco dancers who put magic on stage. She has the ability to play a wide range of characters from different parts of the world and fluent in Armenian, Russian, English, French, and Spanish.  Being fluent in five languages, Mariam has the ability to play a wide range of characters from different parts of the world. Her depth, talent, appearance, and diverse background have allowed Mariam to play a variety of interesting characters in such films as Broken, Insedium, Sinbad the Fifth Voyage.  She is a versatile actress, achieving success in comedy and drama.



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