The Good Life By Design!

Life is a masterpiece that we get to create based on our own IMG_2053vision of the lifestyle that we would like to enjoy. Over the years, I have found a fun way to fulfill my vision… through my “Passions & Dreams Collage”, which I started back in 1992. Here’s how I do it:

First, I gather up a frame, scissors, glue, as many books, magazines, or even mail order brochures, as I can find, and, finally, a cup of hot tea, glass of wine, or chocolates. Then, I make myself comfortable either on my bed or the living room floor, where I separate the frame from its dull, boring backing and create my own backing using bright, colorful paper.

Next, I flip through each page of the printed material in search of words, images, letters, pictures of cities I’d like to live or work in… anything that relates to creating a visual image of my dream life! And then, one by one, in no particular order, I glue them onto the new backing. When I feel I have everything I need, I add some glittery stars here and there and a few golden ribbons across the front. Once it’s completed, I hang it on either my bedroom or bathroom wall, or, if it’s small enough, I place it on the nightstand by my bed, so that it is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up.

Give it a try! Not only will you have fun creating it, but looking at your collage/wish list everyday will have an affect on you internally, reminding you of your goals and dreams and helping you to realize them more quickly. Your collage may even change over time. You can add or remove things from the collage as your life transforms. But no matter what it looks like now or how it changes over time, putting your ideal lifestyle on paper will just be the first step to realizing it and making your dreams come true!

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