The Power of Femininity – Celebrate it!

It’s simply about BEING YOU. The woman who you were created and meant to be. We come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and we each, like men, own our own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Yes, we can multi-task and do many things that many men can’t.. but we should not hold that against them.
Most women are very supportive of one another! We celebrate each other’s wins, and when chips are down we are there to elevate one another. We have a sense of style that we are most comfortable with, yet somehow often most seem to ignore that in the business world. Some try to blend in or be one of the boys just so they can be taken seriously. I know, I did when I was working in the publishing and construction world. We don’t need to blend in, we just need to best utilize our power of femininity to secure our position in the workplace, utilizing our experience, wisdom with a big dose of intuition.

There is a longing to reconnect with a part of femininity that has been neglected We seem to have accepted the idea that if women are feminine, they are somehow less powerful, less intelligent or less equal to men in the business world. We all want to see equal pay for equal work and the same choices available to men and women . We do not need to dress like a man and be one of the boys in order to affirm our knowledge and power.

And when it comes to our personal life we often don’t let ourselves BE– especially not if we’re used to being independent thinker

s, overachievers in the other parts of our lives. Operating from our masculine energy can work wonders in a career. But NOT in our love life. It’s important to share our feminine side with our partner. This means to let the feminine, womanly and sensuous being that we are come out and play. there are many ways to be feminine. Simply let your imagination run wild!
I think that we are privileged to be born as a woman, and now it seems that more and more women are longing to re-embrace the feminine aspects of their lives.

Being the most of our feminine self, makes our partner be the best man that he can be.!!!


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