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2 Listings/Sale in 90 Days!

You Are Not

Most new realtors don't know where to begin.
You have goals, dreams, wishes and desires, and yet you find yourself stuck.
Unable to manifest what you REALLY want.

The good news is there is a simpler way to Jump-Start Your Realtor Life!

So if you're not getting the listings and the clients that you really want...
... or if you've simply been stuck not knowing where to start, I'm going to show you how to get on the right track to becoming a top producing realtor. less than three weeks.

This training will not only empower your professional life, but also, your personal life. 
What I will be teaching you is different...
I will share with you the tools & steps that I personally took when I entered into the business.

I went from zero money in my bank account to becoming a top producing agent and named the
"Rookie of the Year"

You will learn:

What are top producer doing to build the type of business that they have?
How are they doing it?
The secrets.

A great many new real estate agents never make it through their first year. They underestimate expenses and overestimate income, a deadly combination.  Or they rely too much on old industry way of doing business that no longer works. 
It's a big step to pass that real estate exam, get the license and start a new business.
What you learn in the classes to pass your test, is very different in the real world. It comes down to not making assumptions and preparing to do business differently. 

Hear from other Top Producing Agents who will share few of their secrets.

Read more about Silva...

In this step-by step training, you will learn...

*How to Get Started
*Who to choose as your Broker
*Which area to work & farm
*What expenses to prepare for
*How to establish your brand
*How to market yourself 
*Where is your first deal coming from - Lead Generation 
*How to prepare for listing appointments
*How to cultivate buyers and sellers
And much more...
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If you join Jump-Start Your Realtor Life, follow our JSYRL Method for 14-days, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide you extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you Jump-Start Your Realtor Life successfully.


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