Taking a few steps back to fly higher!

In life, sometimes it’s necessary to take a few steps back in order to fly higher than you’ve ever been. The higher you want to fly, the further back you need to go. And when you do, you will have built up enough wind behind you to finally take off and soar through the clouds. This fact alone is the main reason for my absence over the past year. I also spent some much needed quality time with my family in Australia, and being supportive to my brother’s family as his wife Helen deals with her aggressive Cancer symptoms.

I am happy to report Helen’s cancer has stabilized as long as she can withstand her medication. For this, we all have a great deal to celebrate; the gifts life continues to shower us with so we can continue being the best version of ourselves.While I had to step back from my work I was able to reflected on my past work and looked into new and creative ways to fulfill my purpose in life. Everyone knows how much I enjoy transforming fixer-upper homes into mansion, but I am even more passionate about transforming lives and connecting kids and adults to their potential in life, but as I was spending a great deal of time with my 14 year old niece and 15 year old nephew, watching how they deal with life, I soon realized where most of my future work needed to be directed to– kids. And during this time, I came up with 3 different concepts. In fact, these ideas have been twirling in my mind over the past few years, and I finally decided it’s time to turn them into a reality. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT.


With this first blog, I would like to share one of my creative ideas I’ve finally turned into reality, a few months ago. Here it is: Silva the Genie.

I published my first comic book for teens based on a character I created for my Passions & Dreams Funding foundation. The comic is titled: Silva the Genie – Living with Teens in the 21st Century. Silva the Genie is based off of my alter ego. She is a Global SHERO who subscribes to my deep belief that, we each have a genie within us, just waiting to be unleashed to guide us through an inspirational, yet magical lifestyle. Her ultimate mission is to inspire and empower kids of all ages to stand up against bullying and to reach for the sky. Nothing is impossible if it genuinely comes from the heart.

Through my past work with children, I soon realized many kids, especially those who are raised by a single parent household, are vastly lacking positive role models in their lives. These children are in need of positive mentors who can guide them by sharing life skills that will directly influence them to grow and develop into responsible adults. I am proud to say, Silva the Genie is a model of empowerment for these kids. Silva the Genie is a unique and rare character who delivers motivational support for all, especially children facing adversity. The comic book encourages kids and adults to remember the little genie within.

With this short note, I hope to inspire you to move forward towards realizing your inner dreams. I invite you to look within yourself to see if you too have released your inner genie. In my next blog, I intend to share two additional ideas I am turning into reality and I would love to hear about your dreams that have transformed your life. Remember; never give up on your dreams!


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