60 Is The New 40!!

Old – Says You Or Society ?

Among the many things that people stress about, age is one of the things that continuously11666268_10204460992225309_3914623632412242649_n (2)
plagues the minds of individuals as they get older, particularly when over the 55+ category. Many believe at that point, all that can be accomplished has been accomplished and that the only thing that lies ahead is a life of bingo and news stories. The reality of the fact, however, is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom, the quality of life that you can have, can be significantly higher than ever before. (Can you guess the age of these two beautiful ladies in this picture?)

Let’s take a look at why 60 is the new 40 and why our thought processes makes us feel old as well as a few steps you can take to overcome this obstacle.

What Is Old ?
Have you ever asked yourself what the word old means ? According to Webster’s Dictionary – Being old as based on the number of years they have been on the Earth; – “Dating from the remote past; Persisting from an earlier time”

When it comes to our age, it simply comes down to your perspective. Regardless of the age category that you are in, there isn’t a guideline out there that says you must stop doing certain things after the age of 60… And with all the wisdom you have acquired, regardless of the activity you choose to partake in, being that you have acquired an abundance of experience, what it means is that you will be able to enjoy an activity even more so than an individual who lacks experience and wisdom or rather an appreciation for time in itself.

The reality of the fact is that 60 is the new 40, and old in itself is a word not a fact. A child may consider a 20 year old to be old because of their perspective. As far as being in the 55+ age category goes, younger individuals may consider that as being “old” but just like how its easy to understand how an infant may consider 20 to be old, so will a younger individual in their twenties when it comes to their perspective of other individuals.

What I’m trying to say in a nutshell is, you are only as old as you think you are and the reality of the fact is that you can be as young as you want to me. Here are few tips to help you along…

1) Forget The Conforms Of Society And What They Expect
As mentioned before, it’s our thought process that is based on the conforms of society makes us feel old. I’m tool old to be on a roller coaster, i’m too old to date a guy/girl half my age, i’m too old to go to the club, i’ too old to be wearing tight jeans. Says who ? Says you or says society ? Exactly.
The second thing is important to 
realize is that you have one life to live. As such, forget the conforms of society as to what they think an individual within their 60’s should do, as such do whatever it is that you enjoy.

2) Dress To Express Your Power of Femininity
We are as young as we want to be. When’s the last time you wore something that screams Your Power of Femininity?
Confidence is like a fire in the room that can be felt in each corner. Confidence demands more attention and admiration than a beach body will acquire, on any given day. Instead of adhering to the conforms of society, by dressing “age appropriately,” dress as you feel the best in. Experience goes hand in hand with confidence. Demonstrate that high level of confidence that you have acquired through your experiences and harness your power of femininity and become that fierce fire, that demands respect and admiration.

3) Utilize Your Mind, Body, Spirit And Social Connections To Create Your Own Lifestyle
One of the major obstacles that many women may face when it comes to cultivating their own lifestyle, is that, there is a general stereotype that associates an individual’s character with their age category. As such, society may expect you to adhere to a certain type of lifestyle, in regards to the social connections that you should be involved with. To easily overcome this, when it comes to cultivating social connections from all walks of life, demonstrate that the intensity that you gave off twenty years ago is just as intense, if not even more so than ever before, by demonstrating your true character through your demeanor, spirit, accomplishments, and involvement in life.

4) Capitalize On Today’s Medical Advancements
Before you dismiss this article and proclaim that you’re just not up for it. Just realize that this is yet another excuse, a mental obstacle that society has helped to establish within your mind. Today’s medical advancements mean that you can consume certain substances that essentially rejuvenates and reinvigorates the body.
Said in simple terms 60 is the new 40 not only can you live life as youthful as you wish to live it, as far as the energy and stamina that’s required goes there are a few foods and natural supplements that can help to reinvigorate the body.

5) Age Should Not Be A Determining Factor When It Comes To Dating
Often times, people feel as if certain individuals are too young for them or vice versa, simply because there is a general stereotype towards certain age categories.
For starters, you may view younger individuals as being naive, irresponsible based on your experiences. However, rather than using age as a determining factor for the people that you choose to date, you should use their self-image, level of responsibility, attitude, intelligence and intellect as a determining factor when it comes to finding an ideal partner as opposed to their age.

The reality of the fact is that life is short. As such, you shouldn’t spend what could be the best years of your life, missing out on the abundance of tantalizing moments that lies to be experienced simply because of the “I’m too old for this/that” mindset. At the end of the day, you are only as old as you perceive yourself to be. Your age isn’t preventing you from doing anything, you are. As such, try to implement these steps within your life, and you’ll gradually see that while you were avoiding certain activities due to your age, you were essentially missing out and all the fruits that life has to offer. And based on the fact that your mind as well as your finances are in a greater predicament that they were 20 years ago, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t capitalize and take advantage of your acquired wealth and accumulated years of experience by reaping the fruits of the world.

Enjoy living your life, at any age!

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