Who Cares If The Glass is Half Full or Empty!

To be exact, it is both, but it really doesn’t matter if the glass is wineHalf Full or Half Empty, because either way, you already have what it takes to fill it up!

Your driving force, the Spirit, is one of your 4 Inner Tools, but often lying dormant. It is our passion for living, our power.

Like a sunken treasure, a goldmine that holds precious gems of great value. These gems are our inner qualities, our gifts and talents. Through the Mind, one of our other 4 Inner Tools, it generates visions and dreams of our life’s possibilities.

A single thought fueled by passion and a dream can have a considerable effect on your life and how to continue filling up your glass. And we all know that just having a positive thought is not enough to make a difference in your life unless you arm them with a deep sense of belief in who you are, what your capabilities are and taking a constructive focused actions. Expecting great things to develop in your life will guide you towards taking the necessary action to produce the outcomes that you so desire. On the flip side, if you only expect more bad things to happen to keep your glass half empty… guess what? That is exactly what you will bring forth.

Here are 4 tips that have worked for me and they may work for you. If you try just one of them, I am sure that they will lead you to the next and then the next.

1. Clarify Your Intention

What is it exactly that you seek to bring forth in your life? Visualize it and see how it will impact your life. Feel the joy as if you already have that in your life right now. This joy should spark enough energy within you to start thinking about the actions that you need to act upon immediately. 

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Often we know what it is that we need to do to transform our circumstances, but we are afraid to take that next step as it will take us in unknown territory. And then what?

It could be as simple as sending an email to someone inviting them to a dinner, a meeting or asking them for order to close a sale. Your mind will conjure up all the negative responses that may happen, but go back to the joy you felt when you clarified your intention and stay focused on that feeling to help you move to the next step.  A question that I often ask myself when I am about to venture out of my comfort zone is “What is the worst that could happen?” And if I can deal with the answer and it doesn’t involve death, I move forward.  

3. Think of the Challenge As An Opportunity 

I have motto with my team and that is “If you are going to come to me with a challenge, make sure you also bring to the table at least 2 solutions.” A challenge will not go away by always complaining about it. After a while people will stop listening to you. The best way to deal with it is to take your mind above the thinking level of what actually caused the challenge, which brings me back to Tip #2.   Think of the growth and the self discovery that you will experience by solving the challenge before you. it is within this experience you will unwrap and discover your 4 Inner tools you never knew you had. 

4. Stay Away From Toxic People

I’ve had my share of challenges in my life, but no matter how bad things get you will only hear me say, “Everything is fine.” I know that I don’t want toxic people around me, so why would I want to burden anyone else with my challenges, unless I was seeking advice from them about a situation. I have found that when I am around positive and high energy individuals, like a sponge I seem to absorb that energy and somehow change my own perspective about my challenge and come to a solution. 

Surround your self with like-minded people and begin elevating your lifestyle. And as long as you have a clear vision of your intentions, focused actions and a bigger than life attitude, your glass will never be empty!



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